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Bronze Commission Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

Have Anita Create Your Own Bronze Sculpture!

Bronze Sculpture Commissions: When I am asked about Bronze Sculpture Commissions, the first thing I like to consider is the desired subject, and the purpose or reason it will be created, plus the desired size. My main objective is to honor God as the Master Creator, by recreating His beautiful and infinite works. I am always astounded by the rich and varied forms of life He has made. Every species has amazingly different patterns, colors, and designs. Then to add the huge variety within each species is absolutely astounding!

The subject matter is of supreme importance to me as Bronze Sculpture is a most time-consuming medium…so I choose to focus my work on Children, Dogs, and Horses as my main subjects. When someone inquires about a Bronze commission, I first ask what it is that they have in mind and how they intend to use it…for example, as a garden sculpture for outdoors? Or for a special memorial? Or a special dog that you adore, and want to be able to pet forever?

The next two questions that a prospective client wants to know is how much will it cost and how long does it take to get it? Those are difficult to answer before I know the subject, the pose, and the size. So, if it sounds like a subject, I would be interested in doing, I offer to come to their location and take photos and videos and create a drawing of the proposed sculpture. This enables us to get on the same page, and allows me to decide if it is a project I can get into, to devote the next several months to create. Generally, I find it will take me 3 months to create the sculpture in clay and then it takes an equal amount of time for the Foundry to create molds and cast the sculpture into bronze.

Briefly, the cost question can be answered by giving a general price range of similar sized sculptures I have created. I do not charge a client anything until I have created the sketch of the proposed work and gotten a bid from my Foundry on the cost of the bronze casting. Once I have that information, I draw up a Contract for the Sculpture that includes the sketch, the size of the finished sculpture, the timeline for competition, and a deposit, and then a payment schedule.

Often, I am asked why I have devoted my artistic talent into a three-dimensional medium that is so time consuming and demanding. I became intrigued with sculpture after my first year in Art School, while studying under Robert Koepnick. Koepnick’s interdisciplinary approach to sculpture, engineering, and faith, left a lasting impact on me as well as on the entire Dayton, Ohio area.

I love working in fine details and am always willing to take the extra time it takes to add those extra special parts to make a sculpture successfully represent a client’s vision. I enjoy looking for a distinct connection between the subject and whatever he or she is interested in. Many times, the children want to hold a special toy or a pet that they are fond of. I have found that if I can express that special connection within the Sculpture that it also connects with the viewer and brings past experiences they have had to their mind as well.

If I am sculpting a Dog, then I find that they always have a ‘connection’ with someone around them, that makes them light up that special look in their eyes…that look of love and interest that the whole world revolves around their special person. I especially enjoy getting to know the characteristics of the different breeds of dogs….from the energetic Welsh Corgis that feel they can conquer the world…to the quiet and sedate Leonberger that look around in superior confidence. Each breed has so much personality that can make the Sculpture come to life as we express their special characteristics. Through selective breeding, domestic dogs have evolved into hundreds of different purebred breeds of dogs. The American Kennel Club currently recognizes 202 dog breeds. Beyond showing the dog’s looks, I like to show his personality, through his expression and through his pose.

As we go on to sculpt the Equine world, I also enjoy expressing the differences between the breeds of horses. I have a deep love of the artistic look of the Arabian Horse, coupled with their wonderful loving personalities. They have a beautiful, distinct, artistic look in their conformation, from their fine heads, large expressive eyes, to their spirited high tail carriage. Most riders and horse lovers have a favorite horse breed. Whether it’s the breed they first learned to ride, or a horse they have a special bond with, we all have our personal favorites. There are outstanding characteristics that make certain breeds more abundant than others. Some are preferred for their looks, some for their personalities. With more than 350 known horse breeds found across the world, there are many horses to sculpt.

Generally, these items are the ideas that spark my interest in a Bronze Commission. If you have a Bronze Sculpture in mind that you would like to have created, feel free to Email me your ideas and your goals for getting it accomplished and we will discuss a plan.

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Sculpture that captures the spirit of a brief moment caught in time and space… sometimes nostalgic, sometimes whimsical, …but always heartening, energetic, and full of life.