Playing Hooky ~ Anita J. Watts

Playing Hooky commission sculpture in bronze – This sculpture Playing Hooky is designed to sit outdoors near a small pond, garden fountain, or lake.



Playing Hooky by Anita J. Watts

Size: 84″ H x 84″ L x 18″ W
Limited Collector’s edition of 25

Playing Hooky commission sculpture in Bronze by Anita J. Watts

What 8-year-old boy has not dreamed of “Playing Hooky“? Does this title refer to skipping school or hooking a fish or both? This life-sized piece was a special challenge, as the client, who commissioned 1/25 of the Limited Edition, wanted her husband’s face on the boy. We used several old photos, plus family and friends to get his face just right…and what a wonderful, lively, and expressive face he had to work with! “Playing Hooky” won 1st Place Professional Sculpture and was also “Best of Show” at the 2004 PCAA Annual Open Juried Exhibition.

Photography by Jafe Parsons

Why not have your ideas, photos, and memories created in bronze by Anita J. Watts!

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

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