Moses ~ Anita J. Watts

Moses a Canine Leonberger bronze sculpture commission. The Leonberger is a rare canine breed known for its gentle, loving nature.



Moses by Anita J. Watts

Size: 12″ H x 15″ L x 8″ W.
Limited Collector’s Edition of 25.
Price: Contact artist

Moses a Leonberger bronze sculpture

The Leonberger is a rare breed known for its gentle, loving nature. In 1830 Heinrich Essig, of Leonberg, Germany, began to develop a new breed of dogs by crossing the Newfoundland, the St. Bernard, and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs. This resulted in very large dogs with a lion-like appearance. During both World Wars, the breed was almost wiped out. Today, the Leonberger is an excellent family dog. He is neither shy nor aggressive. As a companion, he is agreeable, obedient, and fearless in all situations of life.

Why not have your ideas, photos, and memories created in bronze by Anita J. Watts!

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

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