Anita J. Watts • Simba

Simba – Anita sculpted this favorite friend (and family member) of Kimberly Clarke in Greenwich, CT. Since “Simba” had sadly already passed away when this sculpture was commissioned, we worked from the many photos of Simba with her loving family. While Anita always prefers to meet her subjects in person to get to know their personality and mannerisms, she found out all about “Simba’s” loving personality from Kimberly. “Simba”, a true family member, now enjoys her days out in their yard where her family can pet her and love on her every day. Simba a canine commission sculpture.





Anita J. Watts

Life-size: 35″ high x 30″ long x 17″ wide
Limited Collector’s Edition of 6
Price: Contact Artist

Simba commission canine sculpture

Why not have your ideas, photos, and memories created in bronze by Anita J. Watts!

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

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