Anita J. Watts • Mary Rae

Mary Rae a life-size bronze figurative commission sculpture. She is a beautiful, graceful young lady. I was able to capture her holding her cat Cashmere for this bronze commission sculpture.




Mary Rae


Anita J. Watts

Commission Sculpture of a young girl Mary Rae by Anita J. Watts

Life-sized: 50” H x 28” W x 48” D

Limited Edition of 12

Price: Contact Artist

Why not have your ideas, photos, and memories created in bronze by Anita J. Watts!

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

Mary Rae is a lovely, graceful young lady, who came down the steps to her family’s home, and asked me if she could hold her cat, Cashmere, for her Sculpture. I told her that it was a splendid idea. We went out on their front porch area so I could take photos and videos of her sitting on a porch swing with her legs gracefully crossed while holding her cat. Mary Rae was a very pretty young woman with a beautiful bow in her long hair.

As we went out on their porch, I saw that Mary Rae was very outgoing and friendly, and filled with self-confidence and poise. As we chatted during our video and camera session, I learned that she is interested in gymnastics, as well as acting in theatre productions in school. Mary Rae was a real joy to work with and to sculpt. I was so pleased to be able to meet her.

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