John Bulkley Memorial Sculpture ~ Anita J. Watts

John Bulkley Memorial Sculpture – Bronze Sculpture commission for the John M. Buckley Jr. Memorial by Anita J. Watts.




John Bulkley Memorial Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

John M Bulkley Jr was a cherished employee at Redmond Town Center, in Redmond, Washington. He worked as a security officer at the Town Center, however, he was always speaking of his love of those special four-legged pets…and was known as a dog’s best friend. When John passed away unexpectedly, the owners of the Town Center, plus his fellow employees, wanted to honor him with his favorite breed of dog, the Golden Retriever. When we discussed the installation of this life-sized Golden Retriever I told the Owner that this dog would welcome people into the outdoor shopping center. A few months after the dedication of the Memorial we stopped in to see how it was being received, and just happened to see a small boy giving the Golden Retriever a big hug. Perfect! John would have been pleased!
Redmond Town Center is a mixed-use entertainment and shopping center located in downtown Redmond, Washington. It boasts a famous outdoor shopping experience that features a wide variety of national retailers and small boutique shops. Redmond Town Center has a collection of more than 110 shops, restaurants, lodging, and entertainment venues in an outdoor environment. It opened in 1997 on the site of a defunct municipal golf course along the north side of State Route 520 and has continued to grow in size and popularity every year since then.

John Bulkley Memorial sculpture commission by Anita J. Watts

Why not have your ideas, photos, and memories created in bronze by Anita J. Watts!

Commissioned Figurative Life-size Bronze Sculpture titled Loving Friends by Anita J. Watts

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture by Anita J. Watts

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